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Who we are

Josim Instantaneous Consultium (K) Limited is a Kenyan registered limited company by shares, under the Kenya companies Act Cap 486. It’s a company consisting of a Board of Directors, Executive Director and varied expertise in fields that we have been able to deliver quality consultancy services, as benchmarked on the best internationally recognized practices. Among the expertise that Josim has include but not limited to: Researchers, Strategic planners, Financial Advisors, Auditors, Engineers, Environmental scientists, Sociologists, Lawyers, Statisticians. The company is founded on professionalism and which is embedded in integrity, loyalty and passion in pursuit to exceed our customer expectations. Our staff consists of both a youthful and mature age groups, of both genders hence offering a unique blend in delivery of our clients’ objectives within the stipulated time frame.

Division of Environmental management

Environmental audit , Environmental impact assessment , Environmental waste management ...

Division of Project Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation

Project Support, Planning and Implementation, Programme/Project impact evaluation, Baseline Surveys ..

Division of management and Institutional Development

Institutional development and organizational Design, Human Resource management and Development , Staff Recruitment, Training and capacity Building ...

Risks and SADSs Management

Debt Recovery and management , Locate hard-to-find debtors , Collection Prioritization and Strategy

Know About Us

We help you to grow your business with More than 10 years experience with these services.

Our Mission

To offer quality consultancy services as per internationally recognised standards and exceed customer expectations

Our Vision

To be a leading global brand in consultancy

Our Ethos

We align our resources with progressive management philosophy and regard our human resource as the core resource hence, able to deliver consultancy services at its best.

Our Values

Our values define the unique cultures and attitude that are summed up to make our vision and brand a reality. The following some of our core values:

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